How Lenham Square can accelerate the growth of your company

It started with an lollies.  It's a sunny day and you make some ice lollies.  Your family loves them so you make some for your friends and they love them too so you start thinking about setting up a business to sell them.   One of the first things you are going to need is an awesome logo.  Your logo should perfectly brand your business for future success but you know a personalised logo will cost £££'s and you want to keep your costs to a minimum and then a friend recommends

You view our logo store and great news we have a ready made logo for your business.  Simply add the logo to your basket, provide your custom text and if you want colour options simply add them to the order.  Next we send you the draft version and once you confirm we'll send you the final .jpg and a .png file for you then to use as you wish. Congratulations you now have an awesome logo!

ice lolly.png

You are going to be meeting with prospective suppliers and you need business cards?   Great news we can design these fully personalised with your logo and deliver them direct to your door:


Do you need branding for your product? we can help with that too:

Packaging mock up.jpg

You increase production and start selling your lollies at local stores - the public loves them and of course they want to know more about your brand and follow you on social media.  We can build you a website and also elevate your social media presence:

Lolly webpage.jpg

Your website


Your social media

You are getting noticed and business is booming.  You have enquiries from major supermarket chains and you just hit 100k followers on instagram.  You ramp up production and launch a new range of exciting flavours and also run a national marketing campaign.  Of course we can do all of this for you too:


Whatever your business aspirations Lenham Square will be with you every step of the way providing solutions which match your budget for each stage of your business growth. Contact us to find out more.