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All of our logos are drawn as vectors ensuring they look pixel perfect at any size and on any printed surface. Whether they are printed on clothing, signage or vans the logo will always look as we designed it and we can either print items for you or work with your existing print shop to ensure quality is controlled.

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Digitising a traditional 'bricks and mortar' business for our clients is always rewarding. Standen Builders have been providing a complete range of building services since 1977 and contacted us for branding components and a website to reach new customers.  





We started by designing a bold new logo which not only incorporates the S + B letters but also provides a visual representation of Standen Builders...they can assist with everything from your roof to groundworks and everything in-between. An order of new business cards and letterheads provides a professional first impression and reinforcement of the brand for quotes and invoicing. Next we designed a website that focuses on the main types of building services work undertaken, visual images of their work and a selection of positive testimonials. Finally we assisted with SEO and Google Ads with the goal of boosting their search engine ranking and immediately sourcing new customers.

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