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Hello Mallow marshmallows will be available to purchase in select local stores and online later this year.  Follow their story here...


We LOVE marshmallows so it was a dream come true when we were asked to design a logo and help with branding for this local start up business. Our client arrived at the studio equipped with a large box of marshmallows to sweet talk us through their BIG plans for the business while highlighting that their start up capital was very SMALL. So with the initial requirement to design a logo and create a strong visual brand on a tight budget we set to work...





We designed a modern retro look and feel to the branded items and combined this with a range of vibrant bold colours to ensure the product catches your eye and interest when it's available to purchase from local stores. The branding also translates perfectly to mail order boxes once the online store is up and running.

" You helped our small start up business do some really big things in a short space of time! We love our logo and branding and so does everyone who has seen it. We also really appreciate that you were able to help us stretch our budget to include everything we need to start our business."

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