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The Singapore Noodle food truck is designed to be seen and form an immediate connection with the product. Team uniforms and food packaging are also designed to reinforce the brand at the point of sale and increase brand awareness as they are carried around while their contents are being consumed at festivals and large scale events.

With a new website build currently underway this mobile noodle truck will soon be launching in a blaze of red glory!


With a love of Asian food, fast paced food truck experience and foresight to buy the well known domain many years ago this culinary trio have been working hard behind the scenes to launch their food truck business. With a focus on authentic flavours and added spice they are certain to be an absolute hit at festivals and wherever they stop and fire up their woks!





The Singapore Noodle team worked tirelessly perfecting their product, as all new businesses do before launch. Once the menu was finalised their attention turned to perfecting the launch of thier new brand. With a determined focus on 'getting things right from day one' we dissected every component of their offering and built a brand that will specifically appeal to their target market while maximising their budgeted spend on branded items.

" As a start up business we needed all the support we could get...Lenham Square has been brilliant at everything!  They helped us from day one with a branding plan and cost effective packaging ideas. They have also helped us by sharing their business insights and experience in what works well and what doesn't and pushing us to step back and view our business as a customer as well as an owner. They work in partnership with you and want to ensure your business succeeds. Unfortunately our plans were significantly derailed due to covid but we are now back on track and already looking forward to working with Angela and Christian again on future projects."

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