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We love working with local clients and it doesn't get more local than our neighbour The Square Fish Café. This family run restaurant worked with a number of different creative teams in the past resulting in a brand that represented a sum of its parts rather than a cohesive branding strategy.  

We worked with the team to define objectives and then set to work creating a library of new branding components and redesigned the website and other promotional materials to fully capture the essence of this restaurant. This combined with professional photography, SEO and direct marketing tools have all combined to increase engagement and enhance brand awareness.





A redesigned website with a vibrant colour scheme with pro photography of select menu items ensures their food now looks as good on screen as it tastes. The restaurant is passionate about sustainability and locality of their produce and this message takes centre stage along with the addition of all of their newly designed menus with online browsing and online table booking.

A number of exciting events are planned this year and the website was built with this in mind allowing promotional content to be seamlessly switched on when events are active and removed with ease after the event.

"When you are literally in the thick of it running your business, ideas can come fast. However we became frustrated that day to day challenges prevented us from realising these innovative ideas, and they often remained on the proverbial shelf gathering dust. Anyone running a business knows how frustrating this can be. Lenham Square have provided us with a platform where we can feed our ideas in as and when, then present them back to us at our management meetings while adding an independent business perspective, where we can fine tune, elaborate and implement what our business needs to thrive. Regular meetings ensure progress is analysed and seen through to completion.  We can’t recommend Lenham Square highly enough. Their skills in combination with their patience has helped us navigate a path to where we want to be in terms of growth. We now look forward to new projects and ideas safe in the knowledge that they can be achieved. Thank you!"

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