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Drawing as a vector also ensures complete compatibility across every merchandising medium whether they are printed in books, viewed on screens or embroidered on clothing.


We get some really interesting requests at the studio and the Happbees is a perfect example. What started life as a simple idea for a story book has evolved into full character design and illustration, the success of which has to led to branded opportunities across children's clothing, an animation series and of course local honey products (made by the real protagonists of this story).





With a working draft of the original story and a request for 'extreme cuteness' we set to work illustrating this beautiful children's tale with a series of bespoke character illustrations. Each character is designed with their own unique personality and drawn as a vector ensuring they look pixel perfect at every conceivable size.

Stay tuned for more on the happbees coming soon... 

" Thank you thank you thank you...

You came highly recommended but it wasn't high enough!

You helped me take an idea that was trapped in my brain and have made it a reality that I can finally share with the world. Lenham Square have not just created a product but also turned that product into a business for which I am eternally grateful...and you did all of this at a price that no one could compete with.


Thanks so much from me and all the happbees."

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